We are housng a national inspired competitive talent show where we will feature the best and brightest music art from Africa. We shall have several segments of games to spice up the event; such as:

  1. Quiz Competition
  2. Gaming Activities
  3. Voice Training
  4. Talk Shows & lots More to Spice up the event.

Our Competition takes place in Lagos so it is convenient for many to travel as it is a music competition for everyone interest. We hope to create a beautiful spot/venue that will allow our sponsors to set up for products demonstrations and sign up for potential customers for new services. This is indeed for national brands but equally beneficial for Lagos sponsors and neighbours.

We all know how important it is to highlight fine music in our society. It helps to foster creativity in our young people. Fine music includes (Creative instruments/Singing/Wring, Acting/Production/Screen Wring, fine Painting/Drawing/Sketching and Sculpting).

We got plans to embracing fine arts Dance & Music, it allows the younger generation to develop both left and right side of their brains. Creativity can be very helpful in their future endeavours.