This is the set time for me to say God thank you very much for the gift you have given me for decades. It is time to Spread the news, share it and for everyone to understand what we are cooking Now this is bit of me that people needs to understand, not everyone will be a singer, there will be writers, studio producers & music directors. Uncle Steve of blessed memory gave me the opportunity of who i am because he gave me his direction. Not also forgeting that demola olota and igwelas ekwueme was part of it too. All the genres in music, i was involved in it and it has moulded me into this music director that everybody knows me to be. Now i am saying it is time for somebody else to take the mantle of leadership, so we can groom the next generation of Gospel Stars.

Mr. Ben Ogbeiwi and FSquare

Ben O. and Josiah Chucks

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